We invest in promising projects across the areas of infrastructure, defi, gaming, and NFTs.


Volare provides a transparent, trustless, and convenient decentralized mechanism that runs without intermediaries for options and exotic options trading with features similar to Etrade or Options Express. Backed by DCG, Arrington XRP Capital & GSR.


Astra’s mission is to equip all DeFi with a decentralized compliance layer, including KYC & AML capabilities, to act as a tool to resolve real-world compliance issues using the expertise of trusted legal firms. Backed by Dao Maker, Fundamental, Huobi Ventures.


Axon is the world’s first non-custodial platform that fuses traditional and decentralized finance. It aims to become the go-to platform for a frictionless fiat to defi user experience. Backed by CoinList Ventures.


Yellow is a crypto market maker and liquidity network which uses an overlay mesh network and state-channels to unify all of the blockchains, reaching every token -locked on isolated networks without the need of bridging them. Backed by Kucoin Labs, GSR, & Huobi Ventures.

Ajuna Network

Ajuna Network eases the creation of a tokenized incentive layer in the GameFi sector and provides seamless integration with modern game development environments such as Unity and Unreal. Built on Substrate, Ajuna leverages Polkadot to provide developers with a modular toolbox to build on-chain features into their games. Backed by Animoca Brands, Fundamental Labs, OKX Blockdream Ventures, Big BrainHoldings.


Chingari (Gari Network) is an India-based social app, similar to Tik-Tok, with over 55 million users and growing. This project is backed by Huobi Capital, Borderless Capital, Solana, Galaxy Digital. Chingari is listed on Huobi, Kraken, Crypto.com, Okex, & Kucoin. 


AlgoGard is building a Maker DAO style DeFi ecosystem for the Algorand blockchain. Participants can draw a stable line of credit from their participating tokens while still earning interest on their principal. Backed by Borderless Capital, Algorand Foundation.


Fluent is a transparent Attestation USD Stablecoin with Federated Custody and Digital ID, designed specifically for banks and institutions. Launching in 2023, aiming to compete with Tether & USDC.

Efinity by Enjin

Efinity by Enjin is a Polkadot Parachain Winner. Enjin spinoff GameFi blockchain for Polkadot.  Supported Winning Polkadot Crowdloan, listed to Coinlist & Binance.


Kasta is an international crypto payment and money transfer service. Launched on MV’s Ignition platform and listed on Bybit and Gate.io.

Fluid Finance

Fluid Finance is a a compliant master order book and routing system similar to NASDAQ’s Instinet or ARCA, or 1inch’s Meta-routing system for Institutional cryptocurrency trading. This project is backed by Polygon, Gains, Ghaf Capital, GSR.

Unique Network

Unique Network is a Kusama Parachain Winner (Quartz), blockchain and platform for NFTs, and a strategic NFT partner with United Nations to create social change in emerging economies. Unique is backed by Animoca Brands, LongHash Ventures, Outlier Ventures.


Clover Finance is a Polkadot Parachain Winner and EVM-compatible DeFi hub Layer 1 blockchain for Polkadot. Currently Traded on Coinbase & Binance.


Mech is a community-focused metaverse game in which each player owns an NFT mech that is completely individual to its owner. Backed by Mechanism, Delphi Capital, & MetaVest.

SIDUS Heroes

SIDUS HEROES is the first WebGL AAA-level, free to play METAVERSE with more than 20 games to be released in a single lorebook. Backed by Polygon, Animoca Brands, OKEx Blockchain Ventures, Shima Capital. 


Composable, a Kusama Parachain winner, is a Defi Hub and infrastructure including SDK, AMM, & IDO Launchpad for the Polkadot & Kusama Substrate-based ecosystem. This project is backed by Blockchain Capital, Polygon, among others.


Joystream is a decentralized content-monetization platform for YouTube, built on Polkadot. As an open source platform, with an open blockchain at its core, Joystream powers multiple video streaming Apps at once. Backed by Bitmain & Digital Currency Group, GSR, OKEx & Genblock.

Gates of Ethernity

Gates of Ethernity is a GameFi/metaverse project combining Hollywood-level cinematography and visual production with next level graphic arts and deep environmental storytelling. Graphics use creatures, models, and environment with hyper-realistic 3D movie-set design and renderings.


Gunzilla Games is AAA Gamefi developer with an elite Hollywood-movie production team from major studios including NBC Universal Studios. The project is working on a next-generation multiplayer shooter game with movie-style production and film-oriented marketing such as an ongoing short series with storyline. This project is backed by Animoca, Spartan, Republic, Bluezilla.

Synesis One

Synesis One is a Solana-based data crowdsourcing platform where anyone can earn the native token by completing micro-tasks that train AI.  This project is backed by Yield Guild Games, & NGC Ventures amongst others.


Spherex (formerly Solstarter) is a comprehensive all-in-one Defi and project launch solution for the Solana ecosystem. This includes a leading multi-chain launchpad, OTC trusted swap trading functionality for institutions and retail investors, and liquidity/staking mechanism with complete transparency. Backed by Alameda Research.

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